Saleen announced his entry with the S7

Steve Saleen made his reputation in the mid-1980s by taking Ford’s Mustang and transforming the meek pony car – its so-called High Output engine in 1984 was rated at 175 HP – with re-engineered aerodynamics, suspension and steering. Saleen quickly proved that his creation was not simply a fluffed-up road car when he took the trophy at the grueling 24-hour race at Mosport, Canada. After years of planning, in 2000 Saleen announced his entry into the world of production supercars with the S7. A collaboration between Saleen, designer Phil Frank and Ray Mallock Engineering, the S7 was the car that established Saleen as an independent automotive manufacturer of both road and race cars. The tunnel-tested carbon fiber body designed by Frank features a long tail that assists in creating tremendous downforce, channelling air from the twin front radiators over internal wings to the “gills” below the doors; a massive rear diffuser works with the S7’s rear spoiler to plant the car on the road all the way up to its 200-plus MPH top speed. Getting there requires horsepower, and that’s where the S7’s 427 CI engine comes into play, delivering 550 HP and 525 lb-ft of torque and a redline of 6,500 RPM using components specially machined in-house. A totally new all-aluminum version of that powerplant, built to the original specifications, powers this shining example of Saleen’s limited production, hand built, American-made supercar. Built in 2003 and now with 6,702 miles on the odometer, the car is in pristine mechanical and cosmetic condition. Iridescent Candy Red paint, exclusive polished aluminum Saleen wheels and a cocoon-like Tan leather cockpit highlight this arresting machine’s many qualities.
- Limited production, hand built, high performance American made supercar 
- Carbon fiber body 
- Totally new 427/550 HP all aluminum engine built to the original specifications 
- 525 ft lbs of torque 
- 0-60 in estimated 4.2 seconds 
- Maximum speed tops 200 MPH 
- 6500 RPM redline 
- Only 6,699 miles